Waltzing with Finesse!

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waltz-finesseThe art of waltzing comes in two main forms: English and Viennese. The English version of the waltz is more modern than the Viennese version, but before you learn the waltz, you have to choose whether you want to know both or just one! The only major variation between the two is speed: the English waltz is slow, whilst the Viennese waltz is a bit fast-paced.

The waltz is one of the simplest dances to learn and practice. Its steps are quite easy, and if you’re of the inclination, you can change and embroider them all you want! A dancing instructor is a good way to go if you want to learn the waltz, but hiring a competent one who knows how to teach the waltz and has credentials in this feature is essential!

Beginners in the waltz tend to learn a lot about waltzing from instructional dance videos which can easily be bought in bookshops or paid for and downloaded online. Instructional videos are good because they enable you to learn this dance at your own speed. Also, you can watch people actually doing the waltz at elaborate parties. This is better because you actually see the forms of movement of the dance before you and can also rope in a willing partner to teach you!

However, knowing the art of performing the waltz without form or beauty is a complete waste of time. In a studio environment and with a dance instructor, you will learn the true grace of moving with the flow of the music. Then you can dance the waltz anywhere at anytime with any partner and have the time of your life!

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