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Want to learn Waltz  steps and moves easily?

waltz-dance-stepsI cannot perform the waltz dance moves and I cannot dance despite the fact that I was in a dance class as a freshman in college. So if my daughter holds a major event such as a coming out party, a premonade, or (gasp!) holds her own wedding reception, I need to know some dance steps to get me going.

The waltz is a type of dance that has developed for sometime from an ancient folk dance from Germany, it is performed to a one-two-three beat. Many of the waltz dance moves are slowly danced and using the basic dance steps, you will survive the waltz without much problem.

1. With your partner held in your arms, in a classic kind of dance stance with the right hand on the waist of your partner and the left hand on her right hand. Place her left hand on your right shoulder. This feels very natural since you have seen it being done repeatedly. As you are dancing this waltz, she follows you while doing the exact opposite of what it is you are doing.

2. You should play and listen to the music for sometime so that your mind can register the 1-2-3 beat. Thereafter, on the first beat make a single forward step using the left foot. One the other side, you partner makes a single back step using her right foot. Have you understood it yet?

3. On the second beat, make a forward step and towards the right using the right foot. The right foot should be in such a manner that it somehow forms an “L” that is upside down to be able to succeed. Again the other party moves her left foot to the back and then to the left so that by the time the step ends, both of you are facing each other.

4. Your weight should be shifted to the right foot without having to move your left foot. It is a leaning movement that is gentle.

5. On the next beat, the left foot slides to the right one while you remain standing with both feet together. Your partner does the vice versa. At this point both of you will be looking like you did when you started.

6. On the 4th beat of 6, make a single back step using the right foot. Your partner on the other hand makes a forward step with her left foot.

7. At the fifth beat, make a back step and towards the left using the left foot, your weight should then be shifted to the left foot.

8. The sixth which is the last beat of the last waltz dance step is taken while sliding the right foot to the front in such a way that both feet are left together. Both of you should be together again, with feet together, facing each other  just like it was before both of you started.

9. Now you should start as is in step two, making a single forward step using the left foot, the only difference is that both of you make an approximately 1/4 turn towards the left. This partner should be repeated again.learn-master-ballroom-dances

If it sounds like you have used your feet to make a box, you have gotten it. Practice repeatedly while the music is playing, until you feel comfortable with the waltz step. And enjoy these elegant and simple waltz dance moves with your wife, partner and daughter.

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