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ballroom-dance-dvdAre you interested in learning a variety of dances?

There are various dances and dance styles, depending upon the culture of different regions. The best way to learn some of these varieties is to learn through a ballroom dance DVD, which is cost-effective and easy to use. Some of the main dance styles that can be downloaded from an online ballroom dance video DVD include the tango, cha-cha, salsa, rumba, foxtrot, jive, and waltz.

Jive: Jive originated in 1940’s among African Americans. It is a part of five international Latin dances. It emerged from the jitterbug dance style. It can be considered as very fast swing music, as it includes 176 beats in one minute.

Waltz: The waltz had its beginnings in Vienna, Austria. Some of its closed positions engendered many other ballroom dances. Some new form of waltz has developed, counting 85-90 beats in one minute. Such dances, if learnt from any instructor, might not be easy to do because of the fast pace. Ballroom dance DVDs can prove beneficial, as the steps can be repeated as many times as needed.
: This is the most famous dance style in America and got its start in Rio de Janeiro. It has the beat of fast Brazilian music and is performed at a fast pace of 100 beats in a minute. Each step is taught with the music in slow motion when learned from a ballroom dance DVD.

Tango: Do you want to learn the most romantic type of dance? The tango is one such dance that is well-known in terms of intricacy and technique, but separating it from its culture will take its power away. It’s the most glamorous ballroom dance and has earned its fame for being aggressive and erotic. It is a sexy, predatory, and promiscuous dance with the involvement of the senses. This dance can only be learnt from the heart and with style and sensuality.

Cha-cha: One of the Cuban dances that has a fast beat and is popular to learn is the cha-cha.

Salsa: It has mixed African and Spanish heritage. It has evolved from a traditional dance style known as the rumba or son. These dances were born in 1950 after the communist revolution. It is the sexiest and coolest dance in the world. Its involvement in ballroom dance DVDs is quite common.learn-master-ballroom-dances

Foxtrot: This is a smooth and progressive dance that shows regular flowing movements across the floor. It starts with slow actions, but gradually gets much faster at the pace of 115 beats per minute.

Rumba: Along with the cha-cha and salsa, the rumba also has its origin in Cuba. It is also an erotic, aggressive, and sensual dance like the salsa. This dance style is famous for its hip movement.

Where can you learn?

This problem is faced by the majority of people. Either they don’t have time to go for dance classes, or they do not fit into their budgets. The fantastic solution for learning them at your own pace is to download or buy an online ballroom dance video DVD.

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