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Tango dance is very popular in social circles and at parties and Tango dance moves are energetic, expressive of emotion, seductive and joyful. Tango is danced with partners and they perform the dance with precise yet passionate energy. Tango like various other dances also has a lot of offshoots which are equally popular. Some of the popular styles are Tango Argentino which lays emphasis on complex footwork and thence earning a name “war of legs”. The Canyengue is another Tango offshoot but fairly similar to the original dance. Then there is the Finnish style of Tango, the Ballroom Tango which was evolved due to European influence and a quite a few more styles. The basic Tango dance moves will be similar in all these styles and the additional variations, twirls and sways as well as the music used differentiates the styles.

Some of things to keep in mind while learning the Tango dance steps are the expression, the posture of your body,  the basic moves and the promenade moves and the arm holding technique.

The Expression: Your emotions of happiness, intimacy, seduction, passion should be expressed through the way the body moves in tune with the musical rhythm and the foot movement.

The Posture: Both partners should hold their body with a slight rigidity which will give a resistance that will maintain balance and help the lead to direct and the follower to respond. The hip movements should be well defined to accentuate the passionate energy and in comparison to the hips the upper part of the body will be fairly still.

The Basic Tango Dance Moves: The male lead takes three steps forward left, right, left for the first three beats, then follows up with a sideways move to the right with right foot on the fourth beat and on the fifth beat brings left foot to rest by the side of the right foot. In the complimentary Tango dance moves, the female follower takes three steps backward, right, left, right, follows up with a sideways move to the left with left foot and on the fifth beat brings the right foot to rest by the side of the left foot.

The Promenade Tango Dance Moves: This move is performed with the couple standing beside each other. They take 2 slow steps forward and then turn to face each other. The female follower does this by pivoting on her feet and turning 90 degrees. They finish by bringing both the feet close together. This move is performed for movement across the dance floor.

Hand holding: Female followers right hand resting on male lead’s left hand. The male lead’s right hand on female’s left shoulder and female’s left hand on male lead’s upper arm. Minimal eye contact is maintained and direction and response are only through fingers. You can learn the Tango dance moves by enrolling in a dance course for perfection.

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