Salsa Dancing: The Pride and Elegance of Cuba

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salsa-danceSome people dance to have fun or for personal enjoyment, while others practices it as a form of exercise. Countries like Brazil, Cuba, Italy, Spain, and Egypt are gaining in popularity as dance holiday sites. There are various Cuban dances that are enjoyed because of their style, and one of them is the salsa.

Do you want to know about salsa dancing?
It is the most famous, sexy, and cool dance of Cuba, which is gaining in popularity around the world. Salsa, cha cha, mambo, and rumba are some of the most famous styles of dance in Cuba.

The history of salsa dancing
Cuban dance is inescapable for a visitor who comes to spend a holiday in Cuba. It has mixed African and Spanish heritage. It has evolved from traditional dance styles known as rumba or son. These dances were born in 1950 after the communist revolution. Because of common roots, all the dance styles of Cuba have some similarities.

How to dance salsa
A visitor on dance holiday in Cuba introduces you to various choices in dance style. Visit the clubs of the capital city, Havana, to learn how to dance salsa, and visit  Matanzas to learn rumba.

A holiday in Cuba is not sufficient for you to completely learn a dance style, but only enough to know its basics. The real help for learning the dance steps can only come from the cultures of Latin America. Many visitors fall in love with the sexiest Cuban dance style—salsa dancing. Although Cuba is known around the world for its coffee, cigars, and rum, salsa dancing has helped the island rank high with tourists.

Salsa has now been diversified into many styles and is taught by various experts, but original and traditional salsa is enjoyed in Cuba only.

Part of the salsa dance is accessible. Basic steps of salsa dancing are easier to learn than any other Cuban dance. Mastering complete salsa dancing is very tough, but the three basic steps can be learnt easily. If you can spare the short time it will take to learn to salsa dance, you can enjoy it and will be able to have fun and feel good.

Salsa dancing is sexier than rumba and is more intimate than cha-cha. Salsa may prove to be not only the most beautiful, but also the sexiest dance around.

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