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Dancing is a good hobby and can sometimes become addictive too. But no matter, dancing is a fantastic exercise and so you can kill two birds with one stone. keep fit and learn an art. So, which form of dance have you chosen? Is it the Salsa?  Then here are some Salsa dance facts which will be helpful.

There are a lot of walk steps incorporated into the Salsa dance moves. So, if you just remind yourself of these Salsa dance facts whenever you practice, it will make it easier for you to learn Salsa dancing. In this article I am mainly mentioning the “DO NOTs ” in Salsa dancing.

Fact 1: Do not double step with the same foot:

Just like when you are walking the Salsa dance moves are always with alternate feet movements. How do you walk? left, right, left, right, left, is it not? Similarly in Salsa dance too , it is the left foot first, then step with right follow up with left foot again and then start again with right foot. Only the placement of the step may change from forward to backward and vice versa. Weight shift of the body from left leg to right leg and back will also take place naturally. So, if at all you do a double step, then you have made a wrong move.

Fact 2: Do not extend your Strides:

Another very important salsa dance fact is to keep your strides normal as when you walk. OK, do you want to know what a stride is? A stride is the the distance to which you keep your foot forward when you walk or the length between the two feet when you walk. A person normally maintains the same distance between his feet while walking and lengthens the stride when running or going somewhere in a hurry. It is important that you keep your stride normal while dancing the salsa. Why?  Because the Salsa is a very fast dance and you need to alternate between quick steps and slow steps matching the rhythm and this cannot be done if you lengthen your stride. So REMEMBER: if you shorten your stride you will be too fast and if you lengthen your stride you will be too slow.

Fact 3: Do not restrain your hands:

There are some things which our body does naturally that we do not realize that it has performed an action. One example is the swing of our hands while walking. Just try keeping your hands still while walking and you will see that it is practically impossible. To maintain proper balance of the body our left hand swings when our right foot moves and vice versa. The same principle is to be followed while dancing the Salsa. This is a very important Salsa dance fact which you have to keep in mind while learning Salsa.

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