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Should you Get the Rumba Dance Lessons?

rumba-dance-lessonsRumba is a very flirtatious dance with elegant deliberate sluggish movements full of passion and interested parties can get free rumba dance lessons. The basic dance moves involve provoking and teasing steps from a woman in a flirting manner, after which she drastically turns or runs a way from her dance partner. This dance is sensuous and may be obsequious aggressive. The rumba focuses more on the lady’s body language, rhythm and sexuality. This Latin dance at times is explicit, with emphasis on hip movements, rhythmic body flow, sexual teases, and runs. It is incomparable to other dances such as the cha-cha that is freer, with happy expressions; rumba requires powerful and staid expressions.

Require some Cuban Motion?

The fundamentals of Rumba Dance Lessons
Rumba music beat must have four beats composed in 4/4 measures. To finish one full rumba basic step, each beat must be in two separate measures. It requires a heavy beat, which is the opening beat of the measure. The music pace is about 104-108 in a minute.

Each music measure requires performance of three steps in rumba. This simply means the four beats in each measure involves taking three steps. To master the rumba dance lesson well, every rumba step should flow with the two, three, and four beat in every measure, when the half beast comes on, perform weight transfer, straighten up knees and make turns. Making steps does not begin at the count of one, although hip movements start then. However, the American Rumba step counting may be in form of fast, fast, slow; fast, fast, slow.

Global Rumba step counting technique is two, three, four-one, two, three, and four-one. It is important to note that dance steps start at the count of two, three, and four. Hip actions and twist rotating moves begin with the count of one. For first timers, be keen to step count properly. It is hard for students to dance the rumba with incorrect step counting, hence need to count correctly.

The foot’s ball edge should guide all steps inside. When stepping, the foot in movement pointed toe, sweeps the floor while getting into place.  All Latin dances, require the foot’s ball to flat on the ground for any Latin dance steps. The foot must move out for all steps.  The vital component of the rumba dance is the Cuban motion. Part of the Cuban motion includes hip movements because of twisting, bending and keeping the knees straight.

Another thing you will realized while practicing the rumba dance lesson is that the rumba dance has similarities to the mambo dance, who’s fundamental music beats consist of four beat measures, whereby the forward action has four beats and the backward action has four beats. Hence, eight is the sum of music beats for full completion of a single basic.

Both front and back basic actions include mainly three steps, that is break step and replace step. In addition, a slow step that takes the spot of the second foot. Learning the rumba dance by taking rumba dance lessons and one will not only improve in dancing but it is also very good exercise to keep in shape.

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