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Want to be great dancer and be a hot favorite among friends? Then it makes sense to go for a swing dance tutorial and learn the swing dance steps. This is dance which can be performed well on a vast and open dance hall. As you know swing dance became popular in 1920’s with the popularity of jazz music and is actually a group of dances.

The most popular of the swing dance is the Lindy hop and many more such as Bop, Push and West coast swing are basically derived from the sing dance of the East Coast. There are certain styles adapted by the Swing danced on the East Coast and its specific techniques are recognized and by the National Dance Council of America. These formats are used in dancing competitions.

Single Step Swing Dance Tutorial:

The East Coast Swing dance songs have a six beat rhythm unlike the other swing music songs which adopted the four beat rhythms.

1. Step backwards with left foot on the first beat which is a rock. Now keep your right foot forward on the second beat to the place you started. On the third beat come back to position with your left foot. On the fourth beat follow up with returning weight to the right foot so that you can perform the fifth step with your right foot. During the sixth beat return weight to the left and backwards and then get ready to start the next round of dancing your partner should follow the same moves with the steps done on the opposite foot like a mirror image.

2. Triple Step Swing dance tutorial: Follow the same method of dancing as above. The only difference is that whenever you do a stepping move, does a step-tap move with your feet instead of just a stepping move. This is to suit songs with slow rhythm where a single step would look awkward and the step-tap makes it look more effective.

3. Basics in swing dance tutorial: By leaning back slightly while dancing as if about to sit on a chair you can hold your partner better and balance her weight with your arms. This will automatically make both dancers to maintain their center of gravity. It helps the lead dancer to maintain his lead as well.

4. Dancing position in Swing Dance tutorial: Both partners should face each other and stand six inches apart. Keep your head up and your shoulders relaxed.

5. Hand Hold in Swing Dance tutorial: Lead dancer should hold his partner’s right hand with his left hand at around waist level.  He should place his right hand slightly below his partner’s left shoulder blade at about 90 digress angle from his body.

6. Follower places her left hand on the right upper arm of the lead dancer grasping his upper arm or shoulder lightly. Her right hand should rest on the lead dancer’s left hand. Follow the guidelines mentioned in the swing dance tutorial and you will be able to perform this dance in no time.

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