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cha-cha-ballroom-dance-stepsCha Cha dance steps mainly consist of two simple movements namely: the Back Basic and the Forward Basic Movements.  The Cha Cha dance steps are created when the two movements are combined or used jointly and in most cases with slight variations of the body position. A Cha Cha move can be described loosely as a series involving eight steps. The eight steps of the Forward Basic or the first move are created by combining the two simple and basic movements.

In the Cha Cha dance steps, it is sensible that the lady, who usually faces the man, performs steps that go together with those of the man or else the man will definitely step on her feet. For instance, when the man makes a forward movement with his left foot, the lady’s right foot should move backwards and vice versa.

While making the Forward Basic Move, the gentleman will make the Forward Basic Movement, and afterwards make the Back Basic Movement while the lady does the opposite. The lady will make the Basic Movement, and then make the Forward Basic Movement.

The Back Basic is one other important Cha Cha dance steps move, from where the fancy moves have originated from. The Basic Back move basically involves performing the Back Movement two times. The first step involves the man making a back movement using the left foot, reflecting the movements of the woman. Once the first step is completed, both partners step back. To prevent the lady from making a forward step, the man pushes himself away from her.

Cha Cha Dance Steps Timing

Cha Cha music similar to modern music is a four-four time, (that is a music bar has four beats and thus making four cha cha dance steps in each music bar). The fourth music beat shouts for one to step aside and close the step, by dragging the side of the foot and then closing by dragging the foot. Doing this produces the sound Cha Cha, which gives the dance its name.

There are teachers who consider the movements of Cha Cha dance steps as being slow, then slow, then quick-quick and slow- though this is rather confusing to novice cha cha dancers. To avoid this confusion, it is good to consider the dance movement as being rock, then rock, then side-close and side.

The dance’s timing has two parts. The first beat is static metronome where there is a flow through the entire music track, dictating the appropriate time for moving the feet. The second is the music’s tempo. The tempo is responsible for timing the duration of cha cha dance steps and how long a pause should last. The tempo also indicates what moves to be made and when they should be done. Furthermore, the music tempo times how fast a spin or turn is made. Understanding what needs to be done using the tempo, is likely to turn you to an excellent Cha Cha dance specialist.

Cha Cha beats in any song cannot be mistaken. First, one hears two slow, then three quick beats. In the Cha Cha dance steps, quick beats are the ones that make the dancer move to the side and then close, making a cha cha.

Let’s see what are the significant things Louis (The Star of “Dancing with the Stars”) have to say about the Cha Cha dance steps and moves. Or you can read the detailed Cha Cha dance steps review with video in this article. You will find ChaCha dance can be very easy to learn as beginner.

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