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Basics for the Waltz Dance Lesson

waltz-dance-lessonThose who have taken part in a ballroom waltz dance lesson will testify that this dance is quite easy and uncomplicated to learn. The ballroom Waltz has a rhythmic and simple pattern that blends well with the played music. The dance movements are also smooth. At first, the Waltz dance required one to take a step backward or forward, a step to the side and finally a step bringing the feet together. The dance basically involves perfect timing of the playing music’s rhythm and all the three steps. Later on, the dance transformed into a much slower style that was referred to as “Boston Waltz”. Nowadays, there is the American or International version of which is danced with hesitation and is much slower; for three beats, one just makes one step. The dance is relished more as the pace gets slower.

When you are just about to begin, think of the waves. The Waltz is similar to the waves in terms of the movements: sway, fall or rise. For every dance step you perform be as confident as the cat is and make it to be as smooth as silk. For first time learners, you ought not be intense or make abrupt moves; rather your movements should be as smooth as possible. The dance’s long sweeping moves across the dance floor makes it a symbol of love and romantic rendezvous. For you to get the steps right, it ought to be gradual and graceful. Any sudden drops or movements should never be made, rather make sure to begin from the toe then gently drop slow and steadily to the heel. Ensure that the body is movable and not rigid, since the ballroom waltz dance lesson requires movements across the floor, rather than dancing in a fixed or straight line.  If you seriously want to take a ballroom waltz dance lesson, there are many professional tutors and dance schools offering lessons. Consider spending on a hobby that is truly gratifying.

What does Waltz represent?

Beauty, pride and grace. Even in dance competitions, judges are likely to pay attention at how the head is poised and lifted. The Waltz dance symbolizes all things that are beautiful. Waltz was regarded to be a dance mainly for the famous and rich, perfect and polished at the time it became well-known in Boston. The combination of dance and music makes it among the most exceptional dances. It perfectly blends art leaving the dancer feeling elevated and light.

Practice Often…

Lastly, it is only by constantly practicing that you can become an excellent and great “Waltzer”. You can either dance at home or go to few parties and enjoy the dance. However, the more you continue dancing the more your movements and steps will become more refined. All you have to do is “fly away” not letting anything hinder you. Separate yourself from any thing that can inhibit you and allow the music to take control.  Just think of yourself flying as this is what Waltz is all about and what it can do, mentally. Why not enroll for a ballroom waltz dance lesson today and feel the wind as you dance along.

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