Ballroom Dance Steps: To Build Up Your Fundamental Basics

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ballroom-dance-stepsThere are various dancing steps to use in ballroom dancing.

There are  basic types of vocabulary of the ballroom dance steps. In most occasions, dance instructors use terms like coaster steps and triple steps without taking into account of the fact that as a beginner, you may not have an idea of what these words mean. There are almost twelve steps that are well explained in the video. There are some free stream videos found in the current series we have that cover some other ballroom dancing step basics like foot positions, the techniques of turning, dance terms for exhibition and dance holds.

Definitions of Ballroom Video Script and The Ballroom Dancing Steps
Triple Step-These steps are common especially in swing dancing. It involves a sequence of three steps taken on the basis of two music beats. For instance, when the first step in the triple step is done on the first count, the second step made is usually taken at a half beat and within the first and second counts. The third step is then taken at the second count. This type of step counting is referred to as one and two counting. Normally, triple steps have two fast steps followed by a slow step referred to as quick-quick-slow or one can simply use the numbers one and two

Rock Step- The rock step involves a two step sequence. The timing of the steps is usually called out as slow-slow

The basic East Coast Swing –This is the combination that involves 2 triple steps followed by a rock step. Together they are able to form the east coast or triple timing basic step type of swing. The timing of the steps is one and two, five and six, three and four.

Ball-Change – In this type of swing’s ballroom dancing steps, there is a sequence that involves two steps known as ball change. The weight that is exerted on the foot’s ball is transferred to the other remaining foot.

Kick Ball Change –This swing is quite a popular dance step and involves the kick-ball-change in taking the step. It can also be used in replacing rock step. The timing is generally placed at one and two.

The Basic Step of the Carolina Shag
– This is a combination of ballroom dance steps of 2 triple steps and it also comprises of a change in kick ball normally used in the swing dances that have triple timing swings like the Carolina shag.

Coaster Step
– This step involves back-together-forward triple step that is danced to one and two timing or alternatively a quick, quick, slow timing.

Sailor Step – This type of ballroom dance steps has got a side to side look. It consists of a one and two timing and is a triple step dance .It can be accomplished if one leans to wards the opposite direction at the foot which is crossing.

Anchor Step
– This is a stationary type of triple dance that is danced when one is on the positioning of the third foot. The dance timing is at one and two. This dance step is famous in the west coast swing.

Grapevine – This is a type of the ballroom dance steps that involves a continuous travelling in the step pattern. This is done towards the side that normally has alternating crosses at the front and behind of the foot being used for support.

Lock Step – This is a triple step timing dance. When the step is being taken, the lower sections of the legs are made to cross in such a manner that the back legs are locked behind the leg leading. This is done in a manner that the leading leg is able to move forward. This type of step in most cases is used in the Cha Cha triple step type of ballroom dance steps.

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