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Couple dancing Argentine Tango in Ballroom Dancing Competition.Tango is a dance in which a walking style of step is a basic part. Argentine Tango dance steps may look easy to learn for beginners, but as you proceed you will realize that there are complicated movements involved in this walking style too.

Switch on the music and with your eyes closed listen to the song imbibing the rhythm and beat. Concentrate on the major beat and start practicing to step on every major beat till your body gets a feel of the music and you are able to walk with eyes open stepping only on major beats. Try to master this Argentine Tango Dance step steadily.

Individuality of Tango Style
The feet stepping style in the Argentine Tango dance step is quite similar to the walk dance steps of various other dances such as the foxtrot, fast step, Texas Twin step and others. However these dances can be easily differentiated when you watch the movement of the dancers along with their partners and the way they interact while dancing the Tango.

One way of mastering this dance is by practicing to walk-dance without music. Each step you take should be with the balls of your foot rather than heels. Balancing on the balls of a foot is characteristic of jungle animals when they prepare to pounce on their prey like the lion or tiger. Imagining this posture will help you to assume the same powerful yet graceful style when you do your Argentine Tango dance step.

Tango Dance in block-like Pattern:
Have you been to Tango dance theme parties? By the way these parties are called “milongas”.Have you enrolled for any Argentine Tango dance step course? If you have then you will realize that the tango dance includes a huge variety of step patterns which at first sight seems very complicated and confusing. But in reality they are just a combination of simple steps mixed in varying ways to form a unique style.

La Caminata also known as “the Walk” forms the basis of Tango dancing. This foundation step will help you learn the mixed patterns and exclusive styles easily. The “Twin-Step walk” is a kind of Argentine Tango dance step which is performed in a block-like pattern. There are several variations of this step. Among the variations “The Stroll” is a hot favorite.

“The Stroll” (el paseo):
1. Partners face each other and keep their feet together like a normal standing posture. Keep weight on one foot.

2. Male partner takes a step forward with left foot following up with a step forward with right foot alongside the left foot.

3. Female partner takes a step back with right foot following up with a step back with left foot alongside the right foot.  Retain weight on left foot to allow right foot to start the next round. Remember that your feet should never be apart at still positions. This is a basic Twin step walk which can be modified to vary dancing patterns in Argentine Tango dance steps.

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