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The Salsa is a fast, seductive, sexy and exciting dance and it is said that the name “Salsa” was derived from the Spanish word sauce which can be spicy, sweet and sour all at the same time. The dancers do not move around too much while dancing Salsa and sort of dance in a small area thus getting another name “Slot dancing“. These are some Salsa dancing basics which you should know.

A beginner’s primary moves of Salsa are very simple. This has an eight count rhythm divided into four beats each. One four beat count is called a bar and so the primary move consists of two bars of musical rhythm. In Salsa dancing basics there are steps for the first three beats and the fourth beat is skipped or just a tiny tap is done for comfort. The same is repeated for the second bar too. In a bar the first 2 beats are fast the third beat is slow finishing in the fourth beat. Since it is a fast dance the Salsa is danced to a count of up to 180 beats per minute.

The basic steps are as follows. Male lead in first bar: left foot forward step, right foot replace weight at same point, left foot back again to step beside right foot. (Optional: fourth beat, you can do a tiny tap with right foot for balance) Second bar: right foot backward step, left foot replace weight at same point, right foot forward again to step beside the left foot.(optional: you can do a tiny tap with left foot for balance).

The female follower does exactly the reverse of the male lead. What the man does in the second bar she does in the first, and what the male lead does in the first bar she does in the second bar. A variation and combination of the Salsa dancing basics form the moves for the rest of the dance.

Variation 1: Instead of stepping forward, you take a step sideways to the left; replace right and step back into position.

Variation 2: Instead of stepping backward you take a sideways step to the right, replace left and step back into position.

Variation 3: The Cuban style of Salsa ballroom dancing basic is followed by the Latin Americans in which there is cross body movement. The male lead takes a step forward on the first beat and on the second and third beat he steps sideways to right while turning at an angle of 90 degrees to the left. The female follower does the opposite and they will now be standing side by side. On count five the male lead takes a step backward and on six and seven a step sideways to the left and turn again 90 degrees. The woman does the opposite and by the end of the eighth beat they will be facing each other again only in opposite positions. Hope you can learn these Salsa dancing basics fast.

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